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Valerie Smith

"Valerie Smith and her amazing band are a breath of fresh air. Onstage, they present visually beautiful and exciting performances with exceptional musicality. Offstage, they are like family and best friends to everyone, always willing to share that which makes them so very special-their music, their hearts, and their souls."

- Gabrielle Gray, Executive Director International Bluegrass Music Museum, Promoter of ROMP.

"Valerie Smith has a storyteller's sensibility and timing and a singer's soulful vocals that leave her audience waiting to hear the next song."

- California Bluegrass Association,

"Excellent stage act Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike are known for their lively and impressive concerts!"

- Erin Spurling, Maverick Magazine, England

"What a night! What a band! Valerie and her wonderful band played a stormer! We have enjoyed the very best of bluegrass before at Brookfield...or so we thought."

- Loudon Temple, Music Journalist and Scotland Promoter

Tom Gray - ball/lead, Baritone vocals

Former member of "Seldom Scene", Country Gentlemen, now with Eddie and Marth Adcock, Appalachian Flyer! For one day...with me!

Joe Zauner - Banjo

 Currently with "Patent Pending" band, occasional member of "Jeanette Williams Band", former bandmate of Missy Raines in "Stars and Bars". He has performed  in recent years with Valerie, Roland White, Eddie and Martha Adcock, Pam Gadd, Louisa Branscomb and Dixie Beeliners.

Jim Clark - Guitar, lead and harmony vocals

 In "Appalachian Flyer", he is a avid, disciple of the late Doc Watson, on vocals, guitar and harmonica.

Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes - Mandolin, lead and harmony vocals

 Formerly of "Lisa Kay Band", now with "East of Monroe". I have the honor of sharing the stage with her for the Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival!

Wally Hughes - fiddle, lead/tenor vocals

 Former fiddle layer for Bill Emerson's Sweet Dixie and now with Easf of Monro! For one day, he is playing on stage with Val!

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